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Reaching New Heights CD ArtNr.:

  • Reaching New Heights CD
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Der Titelsong zur AYUDH Jugendinitiative 2011 - Reaching New Heights Geschrieben und aufgenommen von Jugendlichen aus ganz Europa Laufzeit: 8:38 (incl Instrumental Version) The theme song of the AYUDH youth initiative 2011 - Reaching New Heights written, composed and recorded by youth from all over Europe Running time: 8:38 (incl Instrumental Track) Text / Lyrics: They say I'm weak They say I'm wrong They say there's no place Where I belong They say there's no point In all that I do I can’t reach my goals I won’t make it through Be who you are Let your dreams take you far Rise in the sky like a star REACH: confidence understanding healthiness tolerance nature culture progress your vision They say that the youth are going astray no sense of direction not finding their way They say we're all different We're so far apart No chance for progress No way to start The youth have the vision We're holding the key For peace in humanity Turn your scars into stars Never feel that you’ve failed Reach up high To the sky and fly They say there's no future There is no goal The world has gone down And out of control We have the wings Let us all realize We have the power to rise
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