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Das Buch zur Internationalen Jugendinitiative "Reaching New Heights" - mit Vorträgen von Br. Shubamrita (Die Stärke des Selbstvertrauens), Bri Dipamrita (Die Stärke der Gemeindschaft), Lucia Rijker (6-fache Weltmeisterin im Boxen und Kick-boxen und Schauspielerin: die Stärke des Engagements) und Gabriele von Lutza (Künstlerin: Die Stärke der Kreativität) Das Buch gibt außerdem einen Überblick über einige der größten Herausforderungen Jugendlicher in der heutigen Welt, recherchiert und zusammengefasst von den Jugendlichen, sowie viele Fotos von der Jugendinitiative. Vorschau / Preview: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B-GGh8CzXTcNYjNhMjczNTUtYTRhMi00ZTlhLWE0OTYtODhlZTU0ODc3OTQ4&hl=de 64 Seiten, in Englisch / 64 pages, in english 180 youth from 20 countries took part in “Reaching New Heights”, a Transnational Youth Initiative highlighting the power of young people to create a better world. For six months the researched eight of the main challenges faced by young people in today’s society: Violence and Intolerance Family and Social Crisis Addictions and Unhealthy Lifestyle Poverty and Unemployment Pollution and Climate Change Lack of Perspective and Meaning Lack of Self-Confidence, Depression and Suicide Erosion of Culture, Tradition and Values Four talks during the youth camp at M.A. Center Germany highlighted the potential of youth to overcome these challenges through: The Power of Confidence by Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya, India, Meditation Teacher and Coach for Personal Unfoldment The Power of Commitment by Lucia Rijker, The Netherlands/USA, Boxing and Kickboxing Worldchampion, Actress The Power of Creativtiy by Gabriele von Lutzau, Germany, Artist The Power of Community by Bri. Dipamrita Chaitanya, France, Leader of the French Community Centre “Maison Amrita” and the NGO “Embracing the World-France” This publication includes excerpts of the research made by the youth and transcripts of the talks, along with statements by the participants and fotos of the initiative. “Reaching New Heights” was supported by the “Youth in Action” programme of the European Commission for Education and Culture, the state of Hessen, the city of Michelstadt, the European Year of Volunteering, and the UN’s International Year of Youth. Your purchase of this booklet supports the charitable activties of Embracing the WorldTM. © M.A. Center Germany. All rights reserved. www.ayudh.eu / info@ayudh.eu / www.embracingtheworld.org
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